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At Sweet Sensi, we assist novice & expert hemp farmers with a multitude of services at any stage of the plant life cycle. Whether you are needing a blueprint to get your farm running, plants harvested and dried, or simply need to turn your plants into an extracted artisan CBD product, the team at Sweet Sensi can guide you through it all.


Assisting with construction of indoor & outdoor grows, acquiring equipment, acquiring genetics, providing multiple farm visits and more.

Drying & Curing

Let us dry your harvest in our humidity & temperature controlled room built specifically for drying hemp. Our dry rooms are built to allow our technicians to slowly dry your crop preserving trichomes for extraction & giving your flower the amazing aromas that top shelf hemp should have. A perfect cure every time!

Extra Bank

For farmers that are not ready to use their flower for manufacturing, we can help them preserve their crop by turning it into rosin & storing it in our extract bank.


Get your crops harvested by our crew of trimming experts with over 15 years of experience. Our harvesting methods have proven over the years to protect trichomes & produce top shelf flower preserving your hard work & investement.


Let us turn your hemp into a shelf ready unique product that is proven t sell in this saturated market. We offer custom formulations, white labeling services all from a team with decades of experience & recipes formulated to be a true artisanal small batch product. We offer gourmet candies, snack mixes, topicals, pet products & more.


Our extraction methods use either low heat presses or ice-water extraction to carefully remove the oil from your crop. No harsh chemicals or solvents giving you an unadulterated final product. Using these methods we are able to concentrate the plant & remove the oils in their natural percentages creating a true full spectrum oil that releases aromas & flavors specific to your farm.

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