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Is CBD rub a good alternative for athletes?

Being an athlete is not easy; apart from the performance pressure, interacting with coaches, and mental draining, there is also damage to the muscles and other body parts due to excessive workouts. Some workouts are designed to break muscle fiber to develop a stronger one. 

All these activities will cause muscle soreness, stiffness, and discomfort. It is essential for every athlete to have a soothing rub or cream that will go a long way in easing tension and providing relief.

CBD rub contains all the essential ingredients to help relieve discomfort and even provide a calming effect which is another added advantage. Athletes can decide to replace their soothing cream with CBD rubs due to the following benefits.

Managing reactions to injury and irritation of the muscles

There is a specific type of muscle soreness that usually occurs after vigorous exercises known as delayed onset muscle soreness. This soreness occurs due to the tearing and scarring of muscles to become bigger and stronger.

Athletes can use CBD rubs to manage this soreness and stiffness. The rub can also decompress muscle before exercise to minimize the rate of soreness to be felt after injury. This usually happens when you apply CBD rub to locations likely to experience soreness after exercise.

It helps in resisting damage and swelling

Whenever damage is done to any parts such as muscles, hips, knees, etc., the body responds by resistance and promoting healing to minimize the effect of the damage. This is very important in alleviating soreness and discomfort. CBD can control these damages and provide relief to mitigate the aches before and after athletic activities.

It helps in providing a good night’s sleep for athletes

After vigorous exercises, discomfort due to muscle soreness is a significant factor in preventing a goodnight’s rest. The ability of CBD to enhance recovery and provide a calm feeling is essential in providing a healthy sleep cycle.

It promotes relaxation by allowing the sense of calmness to overwhelm an athlete, which is critical in providing a good night’s sleep. CBD also helps relieve discomfort and pressure to maximize athletic performance.

To prevent the breakdown of muscles

CBD has the unique feature of binding to some receptors all over the body to induce its effect. The effect can ease tension, increase appetite, provide a calm feeling, etc. The receptor does this by producing some special chemicals to regulate these activities.

Also, CBD can enhance the production of some special chemicals responsible for resisting muscle breakdown, reducing the risk of muscle loss, and more. CBD is also useful in speeding the recovery process and muscle growth.

Easing discomforts and fitness damages

Athletes face a lot of challenges which include constant injury and muscle spasms. CBD can manage all these injuries by alleviating discomforts and providing relief instantly. Another added advantage of using CBD rub is that it works faster due to its ability to target affected sites.

CBD rub can be applied before exercise to maximize performance and minimize damage due to contractions. It can also be used after training to help relieve discomfort, improve muscle recovery, and improve sleep.

Why is topical CBD recommended for athletes?

Topical CBD is recommended for athletes because it targets damaged sites. It aids in enhancing faster recovery because the rub will go directly to receptors on the skin to exert its effect.

Topical CBD treatment also provides maximum effects due to the ability of many essential ingredients it contains, which all work together to achieve a common goal, such as relieving discomforts and speeding up the recovery process.

Topical CBD also lacks bioavailability, so when applied to the affected area, it exerts its maximum effect directly because none is lost due to bioavailability. Bioavailability allows some portions of medicine to be lost when absorbed into other parts of the body before exerting its effects.

Topical CBD means anything applied directly on the skin to exert its effect. It can be in the form of rubs, lotions, creams, oils and ointments.


CBD rub is an excellent alternative for athletes due to its ability to perform many functions, which include; managing reactions to injury, and irritation of the muscles, helping in resisting damage and swelling, easing discomforts and fitness damage, and preventing the breakdown of muscles.

There are many reasons why topical CBD is recommended for athletes, which include the absence of bioavailability, the presence of other essential ingredients all working together to achieve a common goal, and its ability to target the affected area.

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