That’s a Wrap: A Look at Packaging and How It Can Help You Succeed

That’s a Wrap: A Look at Packaging and How It Can Help You Succeed

When it comes to trying to build your business, a huge factor is getting people to buy into your brand. With so much competition in the CBD market now and cannabis in general, it gets harder and harder to separate your brand from the next. One of the best ways to get people to recognize your products, want to buy from you versus the “other guys”, and have your hard work stand out from the crowd is to have great packaging. How do you get great packaging you ask? Well, let’s take a look at a few tips that can guide you to separating yourself from the crowd.

The first thing you are going to want to consider when it comes to what your packaging is going to look like is who your audience is. This will usually help narrow down design options to attract customers. Whether you’re trying to reach a certain audience or have something that reaches everyone, being able to understand what your product is and who you are as a brand is crucial. There are a million different styles of packaging, depending on who you are selling to. If you are all about sports medicine and fitness, for example, make sure to showcase how your brand and your product can help with keeping an active lifestyle and sports-related injuries. If you are going for a broader audience and not a specific demographic, try to keep it simple with general health and wellness for everyday issues that affect a larger group of people. If your product has a specific theme or message, it can help pinpoint your product on the shelf.

It all starts with your logo and color scheme. It is the first thing that the consumer is going to see when they look at your product. Make sure your logo is original in font and design, but don’t go too overboard here. Be sure to keep the logo legible and easy to read from a slight distance. This will help customers remember your name and recognize your brand. The more people remember your brand name, the more they will start asking for your brand specifically at other stores or retail locations, furthering your ability for future sales and growth. Finding the correct font and color scheme will also help draw attention to your product line and catch your customer’s eye. To make your packaging truly stand out, look at other products that are on the shelf and their packaging; that way you can avoid copying frequently used patterns or color schemes so your product doesn’t get lost on the shelf by blending in with what’s next to it.

Once you have picked out your logo design and color, it’s important to arrange your information so that it is easy to see what the product contains. Whether it is specific cannabinoid information or the fact that the ingredients are organic, one of the main questions customers have is what exactly is in the product. The more information you can give that is easily understandable, the better customers will understand what your product is and how it can help them, which will build trust in your brand. You may want to include your company website, social media tags, etc, so your customers can know where to reach you and get even more detailed information about your product and how it’s made.

Since cannabis and hemp are natural healing plants, you may want to look into what type of material you are using for your packaging as well. It’s best to reduce or lower the amount of environmental impact and waste that traditional packaging can cause. You may want to look into alternatives to plastics and single-use containers, such as biodegradable or reusable materials like paper, cardboard, cellophane, or glass that can break down naturally or be used over and over again. This will show your customers that you not only care about their health and wellness but the betterment of the environment and planet as well.

Hopefully, with these few tips, you will have an idea on which way to go with your packaging to stay one step ahead of your competitors and to make sure your products don’t get overlooked by being original and genuine to your brand message.

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