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Hemp & CBD FAQs

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring substance in both hemp and marijuana plants. It’s part of a group of compounds referred to as cannabinoids, but unlike some of its counterparts, it doesn’t have psychoactive effects. Instead, CBD is commonly used for health reasons such as lowering tension, alleviating discomfort, and enhancing sleep quality. It can be used in different forms like oil drops, pills, edibles, and creams.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s among the chemical compounds you can naturally see in the cannabis plant. Like THC, cannabidiol (CBD) is regarded as the most prevalent cannabinoid. It has a little difference from THC, which is the number of psychoactive properties in them. As we said earlier, CBD does not contain substances that can affect people’s minds.

In 2018, cannabidiol (CBD) was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). It was under the name ” Epidiolex” to remedy seizures in minors. Aside from that, adults may also use CBD as a remedy for discomfort in sleep, general wellness, and aches. During this time, 62% of its users reported using it to treat Queasiness, mood support, and stomach-soothing. These ailments were on the top list of the disorders they used CBD for.

The Farm Bill was enacted in 2018, allowing CBD products to be legally manufactured, sold, and consumed in Texas. And after signing the bill in June 2019, CBD and its products were no longer on the controlled list of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) banned substance.

CBD is not classified as a conventional drug by the DEA in the US, and its legality can depend on the source of CBD (hemp or marijuana) and local laws. CBD derived from hemp is seen as legal, while CBD from marijuana may face more restrictions.  Additionally, CBD products may also be subject to regulation by various government agencies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is responsible for ensuring the safety and labeling of CBD products.

The usage of CBD itself won’t show up on a blood test. But it can show up if you use certain CBD products with mild levels of THC content during production. Also, CBD products containing a low THC level can appear on drug tests. This incident is likely to occur if the CBD product you used is produced from marijuana rather than hemp. CBD made from hemp is legally said to contain around 0.3% THC. Remember that constant CBD usage can appear on drug tests because of accumulated THC.

Everyone’s body is different. That’s why CBD and other substances affect people differently. Your body mass index, water content, and metabolism are only some of the things that can influence how long CBD stays in your system. CBD can stay in an individual system for hours to weeks or even months, depending on the quantity of CBD taken and how you take it. It can take the body 1 hour to 5 days to eliminate the half-life of CBD consumption, while chronic oral usage of CBD products can also increase the half-life from 2 hours upwards. Also, chronic oral intake of CBD can stay in your system from 10 to 25 days.

If you use CBD often, it builds up in your system and can be detected easily. CBD is said to be detectable in your urine between 3 to 15 days post-administration depending on the amount of CBD you have taken. If you are a heavy user, the number of days CBD can be found in your system differs from that of a mild user. The period CBD can be detected in your urine hinges only on the dosage taken.

When it comes to making you hungry, CBD gives a different reaction. CBD can trigger your appetite but doesn’t make you overeat. Taking CBD may reduce your appetite by suppressing the CB1 receptors, thereby helping to regulate your appetite. CBD is also known to be calming on the digestive and nervous systems. This effect may allow people who consume CBD to control their appetite.

No, CBD doesn’t make the heart race. In fact CBD may help remedy irregular heartbeat. The use of CBD products that have the combination of THC has the potential to make the heart race due to an increase in the heart rate. As always recommended, be aware of the milligram of CBD in the product you are using and use small amounts of CBD then wait to see how it affects your system before increasing your dosage.

Product FAQs

Full-spectrum for hemp oil means the maximum amount of helpful native phytochemicals are retained during extraction, including THC. The goal is to remove extraneous lipids while retaining an identical ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the original plant source material. Sweet Sensi is a true full-spectrum brand because we do not chemically manipulate the hemp plant through our extraction method therefore all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that are found in the trichomes on the flower are left in the oil. What is a trichome? The definition of trichome is “fine outgrowths or appendages on plants, algae, lichens, and certain protists.” Originating from the Greek word “Tríchōma,” meaning “growth of hair,” these tiny microscopic mushroom-looking protuberances are the component that produces the hundreds of known cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make our strains potent, unique, and effective.

No! We do not use any artificial ingredients or preservatives in any of our products. We are consumers ourselves and we are always looking for companies we can trust who use ingredients we can pronounce. Therefore we source only the cleanest and highest quality all natural ingredients. We also do not spray our edibles with any type of preservative, we let our gummies cure for a certain amount of time in a controlled environment like old school candy makers used to do. We believe in the quality of the whole product and that in turn provides our customers with something that actually works.

We breed and grow it ourselves! Using his 20-plus years of experience, our founder, Greg Autry, has perfected an indoor recirculating deep water hydroponic system that provides everything the plant needs to thrive. We use a RO (reverse osmosis) water system we created to take out all contaminants, we even recapture all water from our equipment and run that through our RO system so we are not being wasteful and staying as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Hemp plant is a source of cannabidiol oil, often known as CBD oil, a well-liked natural therapy for multiple health disorders. Non-intoxicating CBD is produced from the hemp plant, and many believe it could benefit their health and well-being. CBD extract is mixed with a carrier, such as olive or coconut oil, after extracting it from the hemp plant to increase its absorption. CBD oil may have some health benefits, including ache treatment and relaxation without affecting the mind. Users testified to using CBD oil for several medical ailments without getting high like they would with THC.

We use what is called a Rosin Press. This machine simply uses low heat and pressure to gently press out the oil from the flower. Our founder was part of the inception of the Rosin Press along with a few other important hash makers in the industry. With this extraction we do not use any solvents, we do not strip or isolate any of the cannabinoids, flavonoids or terpenes. With over 120 therapeutic cannabinoids ranging from CBD to THC to CBN, the female hemp plant knows what she’s doing. We’re here to get out of the way and deliver the benefits of the entire plant using medical-grade, true full spectrum, fresh pressed heirloom flowers to produce our solventless extract called Rosin.

CBD oil is a natural remedy produced from hemp plants to help find relief for several ailments. It  aids in relieving discomfort and body ache, helps with relaxation, and does not negatively affect the body.

CBD oil products may help treat dry skin or some inflammatory skin conditions since CBD may help hydrate the skin and has soothing properties. Important calming qualities are present in CBD oil. Its notable relaxing effects on the skin help to reduce sensitivity-related problems such as reactivity and redness. Since environmental stressors impact all skin types daily, CBD oil’s relaxing functions can help keep everyone’s skin in check. It may help to calm the skin and reduce rashes. Eczema triggers are lessened because of CBD’s soothing effects. CBD oil also may help in the treatment of skin infections.

There are now more ways to use CBD oils than ever before. From taking it as capsules, edibles, tinctures, and so on. Let’s consider these three ways:

Sublingual (under the tongue)
CBD oil can be taken sublingually. It’s the fastest way to use it. Using a tincture dropper, drop CBD oil underneath your raised tongue. Some companies will add flavors to their oils to help with taste.

Add CBD oil to meals and beverages.
Ingesting CBD oil from your food and beverages is usually much easier for people who dislike putting it directly in their mouths.

CBD Salve
CBD oils can be added to topicals like creams and balms to form a salve that can be applied to the body.

When you want to start using CBD oil for pain, it’s best to begin with small portions. Begin usage based on your need so that you don’t use more than the quantity your body demands. Start with a low dosage and  increase it gradually. This is the best way to begin as a new CBD oil user for body soreness and aches. Remember that body chemistry differs, and everyone reacts differently to CBD oil.

You can start by taking a low dose before taking more. Generally, the dosage of CBD gummies you should take depends on various factors. Sweet Sensi gumdrops are made with organic hemp therefore our products have under the legal limit of 0.3% THC. Knowing your body and tolerance helps tremendously with finding the right dosage. Some people cut our gumdrops in quarters or halves until they find the right amount that provides them the best results. Products with higher CBD concentrations have a more lasting and pronounced effect and should be taken in smaller quantities.

Shopping FAQs

Yes! You can find Sweet Sensi products in many stores throughout Texas. Stores like your local smoke and vape shop, small grocery markets, spas and salons, gyms and more. You can find a list of our retail partners here. CBD products are available in physical stores, but their availability and legality can vary based on the region’s laws. Some areas have a wide availability of CBD products in various establishments, such as health food stores and pharmacies. In contrast, others only allow the sale of CBD products in licensed dispensaries with strict regulations. It’s recommended to check local laws and regulations to know where to purchase Sweet Sesnsi CBD products.

We process orders on a first-come, first-serve basis, and it usually takes 24 to 72 hours to process orders. Our processing hours are from 9:30 AM to 4 PM CST on weekdays. We do not process orders on Saturdays, Sundays, or US federal holidays.

We only sell and ship to the continental U.S. and Hawaii excluding Idaho.

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