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What is the best CBD cream for swelling?

Swelling is a way our body responds to damages caused by some activities within the body tissues. When the function of some parts of our body is disrupted, most especially by injuries, swelling occurs. Accidents during sports, exercises, and lifting a child all day can cause stretching or tearing of some tissues, resulting in swelling. 

There are a variety of CBD creams, also called salves or rubs to help with swelling. This cream contains essential ingredients such as arnica oil, lemongrass oil, etc., to assist in relieving swelling and soothing the skin around the area. 

Various companies produce different CBD creams for swelling. But that doesn’t mean a single cream can be effective for everyone. Certain conditions, such as body type, lifestyle, etc., will determine which CBD cream will work effectively to relieve swelling in our body. 

For example, the body of an athlete who exercises every day and, to some extent, has gotten used to some body injuries and swells will require a cream with high mg of CBD to heal faster. On the other hand, a person who hardly has bumps or injuries might need a cream with just a tiny amount of CBD to heal effectively.

Criteria determining how effective CBD cream can relieve swelling


Potency has to deal with how effective CBD cream can pass through the skin. Passing through the skin is not always as easy as it seems. High potency will go a long way in making sure the maximum effect of the cream is achieved within a short time. Most CBD topicals have average potency of about 3 – 8 mg per application, while high potency starts from 8mg and above.


Organic ingredients will offer a more beneficial effect due to the absence of chemicals and pesticides. Organic ingredients in CBD cream will have a highly beneficial effect.   

CBD source

There is always a specification on the type of CBD on the cream containers. Go for full-spectrum CBD because it contains all cannabinoids and terpenes in the final product. The fact that there are all the benefits from the plant means it should work for all types. Especially if the product was made with a clean extraction method, meaning solventless. 

Broad-spectrum CBD contains only some of the cannabinoids and terpenes but not all. Therefore will not work for everyone. 


This process isolates a particular cannabinoid only. This contains the least cannabinoids and terpenes since most are lost in this type of extraction process.


There is a price range for most products. Whenever you come across an expensive one, dig a little deeper about potency, the extraction process used, milligrams of CBD, other ingredients used, etc., to ensure you are not buying a costly fake product that will not work. 


Some individuals might require a low dosage, while athletes might need higher doses. Different skin types also require different amounts. A naturally extracted full-spectrum product will be effective for everyone. 

Company’s certification and manufacturing processes

Is the company disclosing its source of hemp? What about the manufacturing and extraction processes? Do they provide the Certificate of Analysis? The more transparent the company is the better you will understand the product you are using.

Customer reviews

Customers are always blunt about product details, and they can say their disappointment openly. Products with many positive reviews imply the efficiency of the products.

How does CBD cream work

CBD cream is a topical CBD; it acts on specific areas affected and doesn’t enter the blood circulation. Its effect is usually for a certain amount of time. It usually targets CBD receptors on the skin to exert its effect.

How to use CBD cream

Using CBD cream is as easy as using moisturizing creams and lotions.  Just apply on the affected area and massage gently, but always take note of things such as milligrams of CBD in the cream to know the amount to use to have effective relief. You can reapply as needed.

Side effects of CBD creams

It’s scarce to have side effects due to CBD swelling creams, but some CBD swelling creams might have side effects, primarily due to skin type. The side effects include skin rashes and itching. Make sure to look for a natural brand and look at all ingredients used in the cream.


There are various swelling creams on the market which are effective in providing relief. But factors such as individual body chemistry, and lifestyles, will determine which cream will work best for us. Potency, other essential products, milligrams of CBD infused, CBD source, the extraction process, price, doses, customer reviews, and company certification are all necessary for determining the best CBD swelling cream.

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