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Will CBD Rub Remove Discomfort as Good as Other Medicines?

Athletic CBD Rub

As CBD products are getting recognition worldwide, more people are trooping to get the products. Some use their instincts to buy, while others want to be sure of its effects before buying.

Our CBD topicals, precisely our CBD rub should remove discomfort as other medicines or even better. Our CBD rub contains unique, organic ingredients with an excellent soothing effect that other medications might not even have.

CBD rub can remove discomfort as other medicines due to the following reason

  1. Other users find CBD rub very relieving and calming. But, some factors, such as milligrams of CBD infused, individual differences will determine the type of effect you will get.
  2. The essential oil used in producing the rub has excellent soothing properties when used individually.

Some factors will determine the possibility of CBD removing discomfort as other medicines and vice versa. These factors include

Essential ingredients

The following are the ingredients used in making CBD rub.

Organic menthol crystal

This is a natural product obtained from the organic Mentha Arvensis plant. The oil is useful in alleviating discomfort, promoting recovery, and regulating emotions by lifting mood.

Organic unrefined, cold-pressed olive oil

Cold-pressed means the oil is extracted without heat or chemicals. Olive oil contains many minerals and vitamins required for delaying and preventing damage to cells.

Organic coconut oil

This oil helps in relieving the discomforts of joints and muscles.

Cedarwood oil

This helps in relaxing the body, easing tension, enhancing better sleep, and lots more.


Honeybees secrete this substance. It helps in soothing swell muscle cells, relieving discomforts, and enhancing the regeneration of damaged cells.

In-house extracted arnica oil

This helps in reducing swelling and tenderness due to muscle spasms and scratches.

Pintar oil

This oil is useful in alleviating discomforts and providing relief to damaged muscle cells.

Tangerine oil

It is extracted from the peel and rind of tangerines. The oil contains many chemical compounds essential in stimulating mood enhancement. It is also vital in providing relief but can sometimes cause skin irritation. Besides killing bacteria, tangerine oils also have a cytoplastic effect—they cause new skin cells to grow faster.

Rosemary oil

This is extracted from rosemary plants for skincare and haircare products. It has aches-relieving properties. It can relieve muscle soreness and aches by massaging with a small amount of oil on the affected area.

Lavender oil

This oil is used in cleansing the surface of damaged muscle to provide relief. It is used to treat skin damage, lessening discomfort and easing tension.

German chamomile

This is a unique herb containing many chemicals and minerals for promoting relaxation and reducing swelling.

Amount of CBD and type infused in the rub

The amount of CBD infused usually plays a vital role in determining the type of effect you will get after using CBD rub. Rubs with a high amount of CBD should offer a soothing impact faster than those with lower CBD. For example, a rub with 1000mg should relieve discomfort more quickly than a rub with 500mg. Full-spectrum CBD should have more effect than distillate CBD.

Individual differences

Individual differences such as gender, age and skin type also play a vital role in determining how effective CBD rub can be. People with sensitive skin will require a small amount of CBD to experience relief instantly. While on the other way around, some people need a rub with highly infused CBD to have an excellent effect.

Is CBD rub a topical product?

CBD rub is a topical product because it’s applied to a specific skin area and is expected to exert its effect on that area. The topicals can come in rubs, salves, soaps, creams, and lotion.

CBD soap is another good way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.


CBD rub should be able to remove discomfort effectively as other medicines or even more due to the essential ingredients it contains. It contains many organic components, including tangerine oil, rosemary oil, beeswax, cedarwood oil, organic menthol crystal, organic coconut oil, and lots more.

These essential oils have excellent benefits in relieving discomfort and providing ease. The amount of CBD infused in the rub, being full-spectrum, following appropriate dosage, and individual differences are the main factors determining whether CBD can remove discomfort as other medicines. 

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