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Our Mission

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Sweet Sensi’s promise is to use our decades of knowledge and experience in growing hemp to produce high quality full spectrum CBD products you can trust. Our CBD plus the full spectrum of cannabinoids come from our hemp we grow hydroponically ourselves without the use of any pesticides. Our Rosin is extracted in-house with our unique solventless method never adding harmful chemicals. A healthier for you brand we proudly grow and press our hemp in our hometown of Austin, Texas.

Greg and Tracy. Producers of CBD In Austin


Greg Autry has been cultivating and breeding Hemp for two and a half decades starting in the legal medical markets. Greg then founded Sweet Sensi in 2016 to bring his passion for making high-quality full-spectrum CBD products to his native home of Central Texas. Our Austin-based, state-of-the-art facility is where Greg and the team grow hemp indoors hydroponically, extract naturally with the unique Rosin Press and with it manufacture small-batch, artisanal CBD products that actually work. We control every step in the production process from farm to sale to ensure each product meets our uncompromising devotion to quality, consistency, and efficacy.


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Why Sweet Sensi is Different

Vertically Integrated

We have full control over our entire process. Our CBD comes from our grown-in-house hemp. From seed to sale, we believe that the quality of the whole product matters, so we exclusively use organic ingredients.

Zero Pesticides Used

Our grow operation is an indoor hydroponic system, and we never add harmful chemicals or solvents. As consumers ourselves, we believe it's important to know what is going in and on our bodies.

Rosin Press

100% natural extraction. The rosin that goes into all of our products is extracted using our proprietary press process to squeeze out a CBD rosin without the use of harmful chemicals or solvents.

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Thanks to the entourage effect our patients can experience full spectrum benefits in the purest form. Our 100% natural process allows us to extract all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant in turn creating a better quality product for you the patient!

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Gold Paisley
Cultivating CBD in Austin

What Does CBD Do?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in hemp plants that do not have psychoactive properties, so it does not produce a feeling of being

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