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Uses of hemp honey

Hemp Honey

For centuries, honey has been a natural remedy for treating many discomforts, providing many beneficial enzymes and nutrients to the body, enhancing beauty, and serving as a food source. Hemp honey is expected to perform all these purposes and contains additional benefits due to the presence of full-spectrum CBD oil it has.

Sweet Sensi’s hemp plants for extracting full-spectrum CBD oil are bred and cultivated in Austin, Texas. The extraction process is carried out very precisely to maintain quality and efficacy. Full spectrum CBD oil means the oil still contains all the natural hemp components before extraction.

The CBD oil extracted is abundant in all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The CBD oil is extracted from hemp, not marijuana, meaning it contains less than 3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is a component of hemp and marijuana that affects the brain, which in turn causes profound effects on the body. 

Hemp honey, as part of our edibles, is essential for the following purposes

Soothing effects

Discomfort can arise from the effects of various substances. It can be due to food being taken, some medications, ingesting or coming in contact with some chemicals, bacteria in drinking or bathing water, etc. Hemp honey should serve as an excellent remedy to provide a soothing effect and a relaxed feeling.

A substitute for refined sugars

Sugars and sweeteners are among the products we consume almost every day all over the globe. We use it for baking, cooking, and drinking coffee, tea, or cereals. Some sugar and sweeteners may have slight benefits, but hemp honey is expected to have tremendous advantages since both hemp and honey are embedded with significant beneficial effects.

If you are trying to cut sugar consumption, some tiny drops of hemp honey in your tea or coffee should improve your general well-being, providing a calming and soothing effect.

Mixing up recipes

Some unique recipes require honey to prepare them. Replacing honey with hemp honey in such recipes shouldn’t be difficult. Whatever benefit honey provides in that recipe, hemp honey should be able to provide more due to full spectrum CBD oil infused in hemp honey.

Examples of such recipes include; naturally sweetened beverages such as lemonade, infused fruit, candies, and salad dressings.

Healthy sleep cycle

Whenever you’re having difficulty getting enough sleep, try taking hemp honey with warm water or tea and experience some peaceful sleep.

Honey can make your brain release melatonin, a chemical that aids in having a good night’s sleep. Hemp, on the other hand, can provide a calming effect to induce sleep. Combining these two in hemp honey should offer a smooth and healthy sleep cycle.

How can I get hemp honey?

Always buy from reliable and consistent brands that create quality products. Please do not buy from brands that include chemical additives or synthetic sugar substitutes with adverse side effects in their products. Buying from a trusted and reliable CBD brand is important to find a product that works.

Is there a specific dosage of hemp honey to be taken daily?

There is no specific dosage, depending on how you want your tea, coffee, beverages, fruits, or recipes to taste. But, each jar of honey contains different quantities of CBD, depending on the company producing it. For example, Sweet Sensi hemp honey includes 500mg of CBD per jar of hemp honey. And we are a true full-spectrum brand; therefore, our products contain all the benefits from the hemp plant naturally. 

Final Thoughts 

Our Hemp honey is a combination of honey and hemp rosin, providing many benefits naturally. The benefits range from boosting energy, inducing a healthy sleep cycle, maxing up some recipes, replacing sweeteners and sugars, and lots more. Care should also be taken on where to purchase hemp honey to avoid getting a product marketing false methods.

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