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What is CBD? A Guide to Cannabidiol and Its Main Benefits

What is CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It contains no psychoactive properties and doesn’t produce a “high” feeling or impairment. 

What is CBD?

Not all cannabis plants contain psychoactive properties. Those that don’t are referred to as hemp plants. The hemp plants used to extract CBD generally have less than 0.3% of the psychoactive component in marijuana. This allows CBD to stimulate effects in the body that are not psychoactive. 

Hemp plants are complex. So far, studies have found more than 100 cannabinoids within the plant. Most of them are non-psychoactive. Research is ongoing to see whether they might have beneficial properties for humans.  

Hemp is grown for several purposes and has been harvested by humans for building materials, clothing, food, and ritual purposes for thousands of years. Today, we extract CBD directly from hemp plants to experience its benefits in several ways. 

Some Benefits Of Cannabidiol


Relaxation is extremely important for our mental and physical health. Many of us struggle to feel as calm and relaxed as we wish we could. Feeling relaxed is a vital part of staying healthy and avoiding long-term illness. 

There are many techniques we can use to aid our relaxation. Meditation, exercise, and therapies can help us to remain healthy in the face of overwhelm. Many people find the addition of CBD to their relaxation tools to be beneficial in keeping calm and lessening worries. 

Promoting better sleep

Along with practicing better sleep hygiene, many people find the relaxing effects of CBD can help promote better sleep. The CDC found that one-third of people are not getting enough sleep or have trouble with sleeping patterns. 

We need good quality sleep to heal our bodies and perform at our best. A lack of sleep can lead to many physical and mental health problems. It also affects our social lives and relationships. We don’t get the best out of life when we are not well-rested, and our bodies don’t have a chance to heal. 

Our modern lives and responsibilities do not allow us to prioritize sleep, leaving many chronically sleep-deprived. Many people feel the addition of CBD to their sleeping routine supports getting better quality sleep. 

Reducing Discomfort

People who use CBD products often report feeling some relief from soreness and discomfort. Many of us feel discomfort from conditions or from aging. Research on the subject is in its infancy, but early studies from self-reported data show CBD may be promising in combating physical discomfort. 

The Cannabis Plant 

The cannabis plant is native to Asia but migrated around the world as people moved around in a nomadic style thousands of years ago. 

Although it has a long history, the cannabis plant is most well-known for its psychoactive effects. Psychoactive components found within certain cannabis plants are what can give people a “high” feeling. 

CBD does not have these properties. It is not used to create feelings of being “high”, and it also does not create impairment.  

How CBD Is Used

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and then placed into a variety of products. People have different preferences for how they like to take CBD. It can be taken as tinctures, oils, capsules, edible gummies, or used in topical forms directly on the skin. Some people prefer taking CBD daily, and others use it when they feel the need. 

CBD And Its Effects

Our bodies have a complicated system of transmitters and receptors that tell our cells and nervous system what to do. To make these systems work our bodies produce molecules. These molecules often have similarities to the molecules in other living things. We share some molecular similarities to hemp plants. This allows our receptors to be stimulated by CBD.

The molecules in hemp plants can activate receptors in our brains, organs, and tissues and increase the production of certain processes. 

CBD stimulates receptors in our bodies responsible for controlling relaxation, immune functioning, and inflammation levels. Researchers are particularly excited to explore the potential of CB2 receptors stimulated by CBD as they may have potential benefits and are not associated with any psychoactive properties many people want to avoid. 

Types of CBD Products

CBD products are sold in various forms to suit different needs and preferences. Some people prefer a more direct use of CBD with tinctures, oils, and gummies. Others prefer to enjoy the benefits of skincare and aromatherapy with their CBD products. At Sweet Sensi, we have a wide variety of high-quality, organic CBD products to choose from. 


Tinctures are a convenient and direct way to take CBD. Taken under the tongue for fast absorption, tinctures are a simple addition to a wellness routine. 

At Sweet Sensi, our tinctures use our solventless Rosin extract we perform in-house. By processing so many of our ingredients ourselves, we can ensure that quality remains our top priority. 


CBD Gum Drops or Elevated Gum Drops, are an alternative way to take CBD orally in an easy to chew and swallow format. It can take longer to feel the effects than a tincture because the gummy needs to be digested but the effects can last longer. Available with CBD alone or with additional beneficial ingredients like melatonin, gummies are available in doses to suit individual needs. 

At Sweet Sensi, our gourmet gumdrops and edible products are made in-house in Austin, Texas. Since we grow and cultivate our plants we breed strains with specific flavors and effects providing you with a very delicious and effective edible product. With an assortment of flavors to choose from, we cater to a variety of tastes. 


CBD skin salves and skin oils provide CBD with the moisturizing and skin-protecting qualities of ingredients like beeswax and skin-nourishing oils. At Sweet Sensi, we extract our arnica oil in-house to provide the highest quality ingredients for skin relief. 

Our skin salves are created with high-quality beeswax, natural oils, and aromatherapy. We value the power of plant oils like lavender, rosemary, and chamomile for their skin healing and sensory properties. 


CBD can be applied topically to the skin, allowing skin absorption and additional ingredients to benefit the skin and muscles. 

At Sweet Sensi, our CBD Athletic Rub with Eucalyptus, Menthol, and other organic oils is an award-winning product for aching muscles after a workout. Using the power of pure organic oils, we pack every product with organic benefits for your skin. 


Capsules are often a favorite for people who prefer taking CBD directly but wish to avoid flavors or sugars. Available in vegan formulas with simple carrier oils, capsules can provide a quick and simple way to add CBD to your routine.

Bath and Body Products

Many people enjoy soaps, skin oils, and body lotions with the addition of CBD. Luxurious CBD soaps, lotions, and bath products are often made with beneficial oils and aromatherapy to delight the skin and senses. 

Topical bath and body products can uplevel your daily shower routine and protect your skin from the environment. 

Marijuana And Hemp

Hemp plants are of the cannabis plant family but contain very little of the psychoactive ingredient that produces a feeling of being “high”. Ancient peoples used the hemp plant to make strong ropes, fibers, oil, foods, and rituals. 

Such a versatile and practical crop spread across the world as people migrated. People took hemp seeds on migrations, knowing they might need the useful hemp plant if their new location didn’t have the same plant life in the area.

Marijuana is the type of cannabis plant sought after for its psychoactive properties. Marijuana is illegal at a Federal level and in many countries across the world. 

Buying CBD

CBD is available to buy online and in many physical stores across the United States. The fast growth of the CBD industry saw many innovations in the forms that CBD can be taken in and the variety of products available. 

Like most products, the quality of CBD varies drastically depending on the quality control of the manufacturer. The methods used to extract the CBD, and chemicals sprayed on the plants while they grow all affect the purity and quality of CBD. 

As CBD is usually mixed with carrier oils or made into gummy and edible products, the quality of the product ingredients is also vital to retaining the best quality overall CBD product. 

At Sweet Sensi, quality has been our highest priority from the very start. We use no solvents in our extraction process and no pesticides on our hemp. We grow the hemp ourselves, extract the oil in-house and make our edibles all at one facility in Austin, Texas. 

By growing, extracting, and manufacturing each of our CBD products, we ensure the highest quality from start to finish. We believe in not only producing quality products but in practicing sustainable farming practices to keep the environment healthy. 

The Legal Status of CBD

Purchasing CBD is Federally legal as long as the CBD adheres to Federal requirements. While legal at the Federal level to both possess and purchase through the mail across all 50 states, each state has its own laws regarding CBD. 

CBD is legal in most states, with a few still outlawing any product from cannabis or hemp plants. Check your local state laws before purchasing or using CBD products. Visalia cannabis delivery experts know the legal status in California.

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